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Our Team

Shangri La Travels is organized by a Tibetan team who have worked within the travel business in Tibet for more than 15 years.. All of us used to be tour guides in Tibet and we have good experience with tours, expeditions and trekking in Tibet.
We use experienced Tibetan drivers and our Tibetan guides speak English, Spanish & German.
We are all confidence in our future business


Why Travel with Us

All our tour operators and advisors have more than 15 years of working experience and all our guides are qualified, with at lest 5 years of guiding experience and insightful knowledge of Tibet travel information. We always try our best to make our trips as flexible as possible so that our customers are not confined by an itinerary that is restrictive and inflexible. We just give your trip structure and direction, but you decide what you want to do with it as much as possible. When traveling with us, we are always at the end of phone 24 hours - things happen as a part of an adventure, but you are never alone and Shangri La Travels' family will look after you.

For futher information please email: info@tibetshangrila.com


Responsible Travel

Shangri La Travels is a local travel company with a responsibility to introduce the practices of responsible tourism in Tibet. The preservation of our culture, tradition and unpolluted environment are our core values so that future generations can enjoy the essence of what Tibet represents. Whilst our influence is limited, we are proud to be one of the first local companies to implement practices of Responsible Tour in Tibet. 

For futher information please email: info@tibetshangrila.com